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About 'Discovery Mentors'
Discovery Mentor’s goals are to support individuals to discover their life after they are no longer are trapped in the tentacles of their addictions.  Life Happens, LLC is now offering a service that will be able to expand support beyond therapy. The philosophy of Life Happens, LLC stems from the belief that the treatment of Substance Abuse should be addressed in a holistic approach. 
The belief that it's not about just stopping the drugs and/or alcohol. It's about what led you to drink in the first place and what keeps you going back to it… “Complicated love lives, poor nutrition, stress, anxiety, unhealthy friendships, consumerism, lack of purpose, unresolved family of origin issues, disenfranchisement, poverty, tight or unmanageable finances, lack of connection, fear, jobs we hate, depression, unprocessed trauma, lack of meaning, unfulfilled dreams, never-ending to-do lists, never-measuring-upness—all of these things and so much more drives us to seek escape in the first place.”
Discovery Mentors are in practice similar to Recovery Coaches. Life Happens, LLC believes in the power of words. We do believe that it is important to recover and understand strengths and resources. What we also believe in is that discovery is not only utilizing what an individual has but also learning and exploring who they want to be. To be able to develop a habit of self-care that will help meet goals and overcome barriers. 

Discovery Mentorship/Recovery coaching is a form of strengths-based support for people with addictions or in recovery from alcohol or other drugs, E.g. they work with people who have active addictions, as well as those already in recovery. Discovery Mentors will support your therapy, but will not address the past, do not work to heal trauma and put little emphasis on feelings. Discovery mentors are unlike licensed addiction counselors in that they are non-clinical and do not diagnose or treat addiction or any mental health issues. 
Discovery Mentors/Recovery coaches do not offer primary treatment for addiction and are not associated with any particular method or means of recovery. They support any positive change, helping persons coming home from treatment to avoid relapse, build community support for recovery, or work on life goals not related to addiction such as relationships, work, or education. Recovery mentoring is action-oriented with an emphasis on improving present life and reaching future goals.
​There is a fee per service but scholarships may be available.