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Douglas R. Lavine, M.S, L.A.D.C., has dedicated his life to helping others. In the field of addiction, his research focused on what works. What he discovered was that there are many paths to recovery. The challenge was that the majority of treatment options only offered one choice. When a person was unable to succeed, there was a belief that they were not working hard enough.

For many, the path is through the fellowship of a 12-step program. Alcohol Anonymous has saved thousands of lives. What the research demonstrated was that a combination of supportive cognitive therapy and working a 12 step-program can increase the success of recovery.

For many others they find it difficult to attend meetings. For these individuals a program of strength based therapy and individualized eclectic therapy approaches are utilized.

What is the most important is stopping the cycle of shame.  Many people become  involved with addiction as a way to manage emotional pain.  It is as important to recognize these needs as it is to understand that using substances will never be the solution. 

Douglas R. Lavine
M.S., L.A.D.C